Conspirators of Pleasure



Saturday 26 July 2014

Commission at The Optophonic Workshop, Tramlines Fringe Festival

What might have Jackson Pollock’s canvas sounded like while he thrust, dripped and splattered paint on it? Using a variety of paints and a large stretched sonic canvas, the Conspirators of Pleasure (Poulomi Desai and Simon Underwood) will lead a workshop to find out. Visitors will become performers, the textural sounds created will be processed and performed live, and projected. A series of call and response improvisations ensued with the final results of the canvases being analysed for projective meanings. This is a new project conceived by Poulomi Desai and commissioned by Peak to Signal Noise.

The OptoPhonic Workshop was a day of participatory workshops and exploratory performances combining film and sonic experiment and hands-on creative contagion for all. Also featuring workshops and performances by Adam Bohman, Sharon Gal, Heather Leigh, Rhodri-Davies, Murray-Royston-Ward, Blood-Stereo, Human-Heads, Mick-Beck, Luke-Poot, Blue Yodel and McWatt/Bettany.

Part of the Tramlines Fringe Festival at Montgomery Theatre Studio, Sheffield and organised by Peak Signal 2 Noise. The Montgomery, Surrey Street, Sheffield, S1 2LG